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Buck Semen For Sale

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Name Image Tag # Age Father Mother Price($) Description
Bambi #9 (Brushpile) Bambi #9 (Brushpile) -2000 Bambi Double Drop $1000 per straw Proven producer of numerous 220+ B&C sons.
Dropkick Dropkick Y 25 -2001 Bambi Double Drop $1000 per straw One of the most beautiful bucks on the farm. 6x6 main frame with mule deer forks
Rooster Rooster R 538 -2005 Bambi #9 (Brushpile) Gr 22 $750 Rooster was a great deer with huge brows. He also had double row points and and
Manchild Manchild Y 431 -2004 Grand Slam Or 251 $750 per straw

Great producer! 8 1/2 inch bases! Due to Manchild's un

Rockstar Rockstar Gr 678 -2006 Manchild GQ sister $1000 per straw If you like width, here is a buck for you. Rockstar has a 31 4/8
The Kid The Kid Y 446 -2004 Green 32 Gr 22 $750 per straw
Kaching Kaching Y 421 -2004 Baker 44 B3 $300 per straw
Token Token Y 420 -2004 Baker 44 B3 $250 per straw
Dreamrock Dreamrock Or 128 4 McDreamy Adrian $1000 per straw Awesome 3year old that looks alot like his grandsire Dreambuck. Dreamro
Mass Confusion Mass Confusion 7W73 4 Manchild R571 $1000 per straw Mass Confusion scores 2
Wide Awake Wide Awake R513 5 Bambi #9 (Brushpile) Bl 22 $750 per straw Wide Awake will definitely catch your eye. He is wide and has some really tall t
MVP MVP 9B54 3 Manchild Gr 636 $1000.00 per straw This young buck has some great potential. His sire is a proven producer while hi
Or47 Or47 Or 47 2 Dropkick Bl24 $750 Or 47 scores 175 B&C at 2 years old with a 20 1/2" inside sprea
Hollywood Hollywood Blue177 2 Rockstar 7w3 $300 per straw A clean 7x6 typical with no extra points. Very rare these days to find a clean b
Casino Casino 7W11 4 Silver Storm $750 Big framed deer with 15 1/2 inch G2's and 27 1/2 inch beams. Scored 250
Playboy Playboy Or 125 4 Dropkick $250 per straw  Playboy was a clean 7 x 7 as a 3 year old and was put in with 15 does.
MJ MJ Yellow 23 13 Jake the Dreambuck Adrian $1000.00 per straw MJ is a direct Dreambuck son that scored 260 as a 2 year old.